11 February 2021

Wine sector data

Packaged at IGT Terre Siciliane by type 2012-2022

Quantities packaged DOC SICILIA/IGT Terre Siciliane with reference to Grillo and Nero d0'Avola 2012-2022 

PDO and PGI agri-food products (June 2023)

Surface areas and DO and GI grapes claimed (2011-2023)

Number of Certificates issued and Hectoliters certified (2012-2023)

Hectoliters of packaged DOP and IGP wines 2012-2023

Wine certified and packaged in 2021 for each type

Sicilian regional viticulture (April 2024)

Analysis of the Sicilian wine sector

Wine grape varieties suitable for cultivation in the Sicilian Region (June 2023)

Sicilian organic viticulture (March 2024)

DOC Marsala numbers (March 2023)  

THE ETNA DOC (March 2024) 

EU geographical indication agri-food products (May 2022)

Rosé wines in Sicily (March 2022) 

Sicilian Sparkling Wines (February 2024)

The World Market for Rosé Wines (September 2021)

DOC SICILY sparkling wines

Varietal composition of the “Sicilian Vineyard” – December 2020 

Surface area and grapes claimed in 2019 for IGT Terre Siciliane by type 

The World Sparkling Wine Market (April 2021) 

World Vitiviniculture (October 2020)

Organic Vitiviniculture (October 2017) 

Bottled Sicilian wine (September 2019) 

Rosé Wines 2018 (August 2019)

The Alcamo DOC (March 2019)     

The numbers of Nero d'Avola (March 2018)

The prohibition for the IGT "Terre Siciliane" of the reference to Nero d'Avola and Grillo makes the DOC "Sicilia" rise.

Sicily fact sheet 2017 (December 2017)

Malvasia in Sicily

Pinot Grigio in Sicilian DO and GI wines (statistics October 2020)

The olive-oil sector in Sicily (July 2023)

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News 6 May 2024

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News 30 April 2024

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News 15 April 2024

List of technological solutions adopted by SAs for the automation of their activities

At present, IRVO has not envisaged automation of activities; the P purchasing portal is used to manage the life cycle of contracts.

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