Management office

Support activities for the General Manager in the application of Legislative Decree 286/99 and subsequent amendments regarding management evaluation and internal management controls.

Technical support activities for the Independent Evaluation Body.

Streamlining administrative procedures.

Implementation of regulations regarding transparency, efficiency, prevention and anti-corruption.

Implementation of data protection regulations.

Implementation of legislation on prevention, protection, health and safety of workers at work Legislative Decree 81/2008 as amended

Information System Management, relations with the Regional Agency for Technological Innovation (ARIT) and Digital Sicily and CAD implementation.

Protocol management.

Management and updating of the institutional website.

Purchases of goods and services, asset management, utility management, consignee activities.


Head of the OU Dr. V. Caselli Tel. 091 6278231

email: [email protected]

Assigned personnel:

Dr. Pietro Marchese executive officer D6 in collaboration (Management and updating of the institutional website)

Mr. Simone Tortorici executive officer D6

Mr. Rosario Geraci CAT.C5-INSTRUCTOR

Mrs. Isabella Coppola CAT.C4-INSTRUCTOR

Mrs. Giovanna Billitteri (former Pip staff)

Mrs. Laura Lamia (former Pip staff)




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