Technical-Scientific Area

The ATS is entrusted with the matters listed below; in relation to the activities attributed in this function chart to the competence of the individual Operating Units belonging to it (from 6 to 11), carries out a coordination and guidance action:

Application of community and national regulations regarding the certification and control of PDO/PGI wines and oils.
Maintenance of accreditation of IRVO Multisite Laboratories.
Accreditation of Wine and Oil Control and Certification Bodies.
Coordination of IRVO inspectors and collaborating inspectors for inspection visits to operators in the wine and PDO/PGI olive oil supply chain.
Programs and interventions in the field of industrial research, applied research, experimentation and pre-competitive development in the wine and olive oil sectors.
Development of cooperation networks for new products, processes and technologies in the wine and olive oil sectors.
Development of research projects in the field of sustainability.
Research and experimentation activities within the various scientific disciplines that affect the processes of the wine and olive oil supply chains, with particular attention to sustainability.
Research and experimentation activities in the field of biotechnology applied to oenology and viticulture and to the olive oil sector.
Agrometeorology and climatology applied to vines and olive trees: predictive models and precision agriculture.
Territorial information systems.
Business consultancy services to companies in the wine and olive oil sectors.
Training in the wine and olive oil sectors.
Research, experimentation and training activities also in collaboration with research centres, universities and other public or private entities for the organization and implementation of research, experimentation and training projects.
Acquisition and transfer of product and/or process innovations in favor of subjects in the wine and olive oil production chains.
Collaboration with protection consortia and promoting committees on proposals for regulations for the recognition or modifications of designations of origin.
   Activities relating to the competences of IRVO as a business consultancy body in agriculture pursuant to art.5 of Ministerial Decree 02.03.2016 n.1259.


Area Manager Dr. Lucio Monte Tel 0916278 215

Assigned personnel:

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