14 December 2011

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Multisite laboratories

The institutional tasks of the IRVO Laboratories are the analysis of wines, musts, grapes and oils and related certification. This activity was carried out continuously throughout the life of the organization with a continuous improvement of the techno-instrumental equipment and methodologies.

The IRVO laboratories are accredited in accordance with the ISOIEC17025 standard and are recognized by the MIPAAF for the certification of wines with Designation of Origin (DO), Geographical Indication (PGI) and oils with Geographical Indication (PGI Sicily) and Valdemone PDO.

Accreditation ensures that certification, inspection and verification bodies, and testing and calibration laboratories, have all the requirements required by the standards to carry out conformity assessment activities.

Accreditation is the attestation, by a body that acts as a super partes guarantor, of the competence and impartiality of the certification, inspection, verification and validation bodies, and of the testing and calibration laboratories.

In Italy the single accreditation body designated by the government is ACCREDIA.

Main activities

Analysis and certification of wines, oils, musts, spirits and winemaking by-products

External services (calibration of refractometric stations, sampling, etc.)

Development of analytical methodologies to support oenological research

Management of the Quality System in application of current regulations.

Accredited Laboratories: Palermo and Marsala

Information desks and sample collection: Alcamo and Rodi Milici

Attachments :

List of tests and methods updated 2024



Operating instructions for picking unpackaged and packaged wine

Operating instructions for collecting unpackaged and packaged oil

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News 15 April 2024

List of technological solutions adopted by SAs for the automation of their activities

At present, IRVO has not envisaged automation of activities; the P purchasing portal is used to manage the life cycle of contracts.

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