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Viticultural technical assistance

assistenza-tecnica-viticola Among the fundamental tasks of the Institute, since its establishment, technical assistance to businesses has played a prominent role. Support is provided to supply chain operators through various operational channels with particular reference to the territory (GIS), phytosanitary treatments, the provision of protocols and meteorological data.


Technical assistance for companies in the wine and oil sectors
Coordination and management of demonstration and experimental plants
Studies and research on vines and olive trees
Management and updating of territorial databases

Competent structures:

Viticultural and oenological research


Phytosanitary bulletin and ripening kinetics South-Eastern Sicily
Supply of viticultural and oenological protocols
Request for regulatory clarifications in the wine sector
Request for wine sector data
Requests for technical assistance protocols, vineyard phytosanitary problems
Requests for vineyard assistance with reference to weather data and\or grape ripening
Request for processing of vineyard plots (max 10 hectares in total in the year)

Documents: publications and articles, regulations

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List of technological solutions adopted by SAs for the automation of their activities

At present, IRVO has not envisaged automation of activities; the P purchasing portal is used to manage the life cycle of contracts.

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